Saturday, 16 February 2013


As you can imagine, there are some very time consuming parts to the process of making bags from old jeans.  One of these is the process of cutting up the jeans.  I prefer to separate jeans by simply cutting up each leg seam and through the waist band - I find this the most economical way of using the material.  I do change this for combat style jeans and those with interesting embroidery or other features, but this is the "normal" way,  It is, however, very hard on the hands.  I am fortunate to have three groups of people who help me with this.  One is a group of three young ladies from the school where I teach who have offered to help as part of their Year 8 Challenge.  Another is a variety of people from Church who have come along to a Saturday "Cutting Party", and the third is the Church youth group, Legends.  Last week I took an enormous tub, overflowing with pairs of jeans.  I sat and cut (while most of the boys watched the football match which was on!) and most of the girls present, and some of the boys, helped me with the job.  I went home with this:
Thank you Legends - and other helpers - it makes my sewing so much easier to have this help!

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