Friday, 25 January 2013

Now that's what I call a restock!

I started making these little unlined coin purses for two main reasons - to use a part of the jeans which seemed too good to waste, and to provide a very cheap purchase, particularly aimed at children.  They have proved very popular and are almost symbolic of my Sewing for Utange project - something unusual which everyone can afford.  The purchase of one of these purses feeds a child for a week.
I sell a lot of them, so I seem to be constantly making them.  I also use a lot of jeans, so always seem to have a stock of front pockets to use up!  The combination of these factors has led to this:

As the title says, that's what I call a restock!
I like this little one in particular.  The darts make it fun - it came from a little girl's denim skirt.
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  1. Found your post on Diana Rambles: Pin Me #17. Wonderful. I love this idea! I applaud you for using your talents to help others!! My post is #188.


  2. Super cute! Great project, love the idea!
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  3. What a GREAT idea!!
    These are looking wonderful
    You are super creative :)

  4. These are really cool. Terrific use of a part of the jean that usually gets discarded when folks cut them up.

  5. How cute, and how very green!! Whoop whoop!!

  6. These are awesome. If I lived nearby I'd bring you lots of kids jeans!! Thanks for linking up!