Tuesday, 1 January 2013

December makes

I didn't manage as much blogging last month as I would have liked.  Hoping to improve this month.  I was hit by the end of term, and have been sidetracked somewhat by the embroidery machine being in full working order again.  I do, however, have a major stock of embroidered panels ready to make it into bags of various styles!
Here is last month's summary collage:
I have loads of plans buzzing round my head for this year - I really want to do some zipped bags using the recycled zips I was given last year.  This does mean I will have to create some patterns - the zips are not standard bag sizes!  I also have lots of plans involving embroidery, and of course there are all the existing popular items to continue with.  I already have four sales booked, but am really hoping to get closer to the one sale a month I am comfortable with - rather than two, three or four as emerged towards the end of last year!  I would also really like to get some kind of online sales system (for smaller items) going - but I need help with this, as I really don't have the time to do it myself!

Thanks to all those of you who have followed, visited, and commented this year.  I really hope to make more visits to other blogs this year as well!

Watch this space!

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