Friday, 4 January 2013

Mini keyring purse tutorial

This is another project that grew out of what I had in the house!  My sewing room was festooned with scraps of denim, too big to throw away but too small for existing projects.  While hunting through my zips box (actually more of a crate!) to find zips for a bag project I am planning, I came across about 20 tiny zips, no more than 3" long. And of course I had some split rings left over from recent key ring projects.  So I started thinking.
I came up with this:
It is hard to get an idea of the scale, but the purse is no more than 2" square.  I think this would be really useful for children who need to take bus fare to school - with a clip you could easily attach it to a belt loop - or to keep the car park change or trolley coin in.

Here is how I made them:
I cut a strip of fabric the width of the zip and twice as long as the zip.
I sewed the zip to one short edge of the fabric:
and then to the other edge:
Opening the zip, I put the loop of ribbon, with the split ring attached, inside the purse, and sewed across the short edge catching the ribbon in the seam.  I turned and sewed back the same way for strength.
I then sewed across the other short edge.
After clipping the corners (as shown above - it makes the corners of the finished back much neater) I turned the purse the right way in.
A simple, quick project; I now have a stack of these ready to add to stock.
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