Monday, 10 September 2012

Biddenham show

What a glorious day we had!  This was the third year I have done this show - it was one of the first I did (the very first was Bromham) and one that we have always done as a family.  This year my husband and Paul (who, with Debbie, started Casuarina House) were face painting; my daughters were running a toy tombola, and I was selling my bags and trying to sell raffle tickets.  Actually I think my elder daughter sold a lot more tickets than I did!
We raised a total of just over £300 between us - a great achievement. Bags were very popular this year - much more so than in previous years.  As an example, last year I raised £60 from bag sales at this event.  This year I raised nearly £180 - three times as much.
Here are some photos of the stall:
The front of the stall - showing the toy tombola.  Children took a ticket and the end digit determined which box they chose a prize from - tiny little toys (1,2,3,4), medium (6,7,8,9) or bigger ones (0 or 5).

Two views of the side of the stall. I had two racks of bags and the usual table displays.  We also hung bags all round the gazebo.
Next event is at church during our church weekend, then the Cats Protection League sale.

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  1. I love the photos of your set-ups at the shows - it's great to see all your goodies en masse! Glad you had a successful show --- how much does 300 pounds buy, in terms of how long it feeds the kids? I think you've posted stats like that before?