Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bag labels

With the wonderful embroidery machine, there has been considerable experimentation going on!  While I was working out how to use it, I played with the different text functions.  I ended up (eventually!) with labels for my bags - something I had been wanting to add for some time.  It took a lot of playing around to get the font size I wanted, but the design came easily.
I have used my blog name as my "brand name" lol.  I decided to use colours from the Kenyan flag for the label, so my labels are red, green and orange.  Having perfected my technique I thought I would share it here.
Having created the logo and sized it as small as possible (it is about 1.75" by 1") I set my machine to time it and, using the largest frame, ended up with nine copies on one piece of fabric.  If the cotton hadn't broken regularly, this would have made this stage really simple!
I cut each label out, with a border of about 1" top, bottom and one side, and a space to the side to mirror the embroidery.
Moving to the ironing board I pressed the top and bottom edges in to the middle.

I then pressed the label in half width ways to enclose the raw edges.

By sewing the remaining raw edge into the seam, I have a complete label.  For larger bags this label can go on the outside of the bag, but for smaller ones I intend to sew it inside, putting it between the outside and the lining fabrics.

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  1. The label looks fantastic!!!

  2. I don't know how long you have the machine for but if I were you, I'd be making a LOT of labels to have on hand! Your machine does multiple colours of thread, I think (instead of you having to change colours manually)? Perfect opportunity to do mass production, lol!