Friday, 6 January 2012

Pocket bag

This is another really easy bag to make.  You will need four pairs of jeans - or, at least, the pockets from four pairs of jeans.  
Cut the jeans apart by cutting up the seams.  From the backs of the jeans, cut an 8" square with the pocket in the centre.  Try to avoid the seams as they are very hard to sew through.  
Sew the pockets in pairs, then sew the pairs together to make the front and back of the bag, using 1/4" seams.  Then sew the squares together.
From one remaining leg piece, cut two 4" strips.  Press the edges in by 1/4", and then press in half, wrong sides together in both cases.  Sew a seam along each side of the strip as close to the edge as you can manage.  These will be the straps.
Measure your bag to check the size.  cut two pieces of lining to the same size as the bag and sew round three sides, leaving a gap of about 6" at the bottom for turning.  Pin the straps in place between the main bag and the lining. Put the outer bag inside the lining, right sides together, and sew all round the top edge of the bag.  Turn through the gap in the lining and then hand finish the lining.  Press - and you have your completed bag, with plenty of pockets for shopping lists, tissues, pens, and anything else you need!
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  1. Awesome I love it!

  2. Hey! Thanks so much for linking up to the Green Crafts Showcase again! This is such a cute bag and I love the way you used the pockets!

    -Bonnie @ Crafting a Green World