Sunday, 22 January 2012

Busy sewing day!

Yesterday I managed to complete a number of UFOs.  Of course, I still have even more awaiting completion, but the ones I did finish included several which people are waiting for, so I am very pleased! 
I finished three of these travel bags in denim.  The pattern is based on the one in Lisa Lam's Bag Making Bible, but heavily adapted.  Only special people get the Casuarina House logo on their bag, though!
I also made this version of the pattern, for a friend, from some wonderful Indian fabric she gave me for the purpose.  I'm pleased with how it turned out - but it was a bit of a stinker to make!

Finally I finished off some duffel bags.  These have been in progress for some time (and I have 5 more still to complete construction!)  Last week I was able to use an eyelet machine to put the eyelets in, and yesterday I added the strings and tied off the thread ends.  There were seven altogether, of a mixture of these two designs.


  1. Cute bags! Love the embroidered name!

  2. Thanks for posting my first comment on this blog, Toodie.
    The embroidery is courtesy of my embroidery machine - which I don't get enough time to play with. It's the logo for the charity I support - now added to the blog side bar so you can compare the two.

  3. Very cute, I was given a bag of old jeans and hadn't really decided what I wanted to do with them, this gives me ideas!!

  4. Thanks Jodi.
    More ideas coming up. I have made lots of varieties of bags from jeans now.