Monday, 2 January 2012

My first tutorial

I have so appreciated the tutorials others have shared that I am jumping in to create one of my own. It won't be illustrated with masses of pictures, because I didn't take any as I made this! However, it is all my own work, and hopefully will appeal to someone out there.
This is a mobile phone case which I have already made in several sizes. I make items by recycling denim - see the About Me section for an explanation of why. I've made mobile phone cases before, and they sell well. I saw lots of bags, purses and cushions made by others using owls, and thought it would be a good design for a phone case as well. These were quick to make - I made them in batches of 6 at a time.
I started by cutting two rectangles of the base fabric (denim), each 4" x 6". This will fit an iphone or similar smart phone. I cut rectangles of the linking fabric to the same size. Also from the lining fabric I cut the owl wings. Now, I don't have a pattern for this, but they are rectangles of 3" x 1 1/4", with the top rounded off. The circles for the eyes were made by tracing round the edge of a Gutermann size cotton reel. The triangle for the beak I drew freehand - just make sure it is isoceles (two sides the same length and two angles the same).
I first appliqued the wings, eyes and beak onto the backing fabric. I didn't bother with using iron on webbing for this; I just went slowly. Then I sewed on the buttons for the eyes and a button half an inch down on the centre back main fabric for an elastic loop (to make sure your phone doesn't fall out!)
I put the main fabric and the lining fabric right sides together and joined them along the short edge, but with the pieces for the front of the phone case I put a loop of cord elastic between the two pieces. Sew carefully over this - my machine didn't appreciate the jump in thickness! Open out both pieces and iron flat.
Put the two pieces of fabric right sides together, with the main fabric pieces together and the lining pieces together. Start at the long end of one of the lining pieces and sew all the way round one long side (both fabrics), the short side of the main fabric and the other long side.
Use the open short side of the lining to turn your phone case the right way in. Then either hand stitch the short side of the lining together (if you want a perfect finish) or sew it on the machine (if, like me, you are short of time and realise it will not be seen unless someone decides to turn it out!) Put the lining inside the main case, press again to make sure the top seams are flat, and voila, you have finished. Enjoy!
To make a case for a slightly smaller phone I used rectangles 3.5" x 5" and kept the wing, beak and eye pieces the same sizes.

Hope this makes sense; next time I will try to take more photos as I go along.


  1. This is such a cool mobile phone pouch!!! Thanks for linking up...

  2. Very darling! My owl collecting daughter will love this!