Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The new season starts!

Last Monday marked the start of my selling season, with my now annual visit to Ickwell May Day.  This is a truly traditional event, and a truly village one.  Children from all the local village schools process to the green, where their decorated hoops are judged and awarded prizes, and they - and adults - perform country dances and maypole dances.

The weather this year was not as wonderful as last year, but the rain held off until nearly the end of the dances, just drenching the adult dancers!  I managed to keep my stock dry, and sold lots of items to lots of interesting and interested people.  There were definitely some highlights among the conversations. 

It was also thrilling to see several of my bags from previous sales still favoured and used.  More than one previous purchaser commented that they lasted really well.  It was such an encouragement to see them being worn. 

A fabulous total for the day left me feeling very happy - though I do wish that the torrential rain had not hit me just as I was unloading the car....

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