Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Phanice's new shop

This is what Phanice's shop looked like on the day she moved in:
It used to be a fish shop - "samaki" is Swahili for fish.  Chris went with her to pay the first four month's rental and the first year's trading license from the money I passed on for this purpose.  She had previously passed on more money for Phanice and Eddy to buy stock to get the shop going. Because the shop is just off the main street, the rent was cheaper than expected so they were able to pay for 4 months' rent with the money I sent.
This picture shows Phanice with Eddy and one of Phanice's sisters.  Phanice, like Eddy, comes from a large family - she has five sisters and three brothers.  The sister shown here helped to redecorate and set up the shop.
I love this photo of Phanice inside the shop - she looks so very happy.  I pray that her shop will be a huge success.

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