Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Please Mr Crocodile...

...may I cross the water?

Anyone else remember this children's rhyme / game? To me it evokes cold playgrounds with groups of children trying to keep warm.
My Mr Crocodile really isn't very threatening - he is far too cuddly!  He is made from another Funky Friends Factory pattern - quite a lot of pieces, but a pleasing result.  I even enjoyed hand sewing the teeth - and hand sewing is not my favourite occupation!


  1. Do you have any stalls coming up? I missed mk, sadly!

    1. There is a list at the bottom of the page; confirmed so far are:

      14/11/2015 Wortld of Difference Fair, St Giles Church Northampton
      28/11/2015 Ladies' Night, Bromham Baptist Church
      29/11/2015 Henlow Academy Christmas Fair
      6.12.2015 Dickens of a Christmas, Olney