Tuesday, 3 November 2015

MK Handmade and Vintage - review

Well, it is all done for this year.  I think the hardest part is the take-down, packing the car and unpacking it on arriving home!
Day two, while not as phenomenally successful as day 1 in terms of sales, still had plenty of rewards, and the takings were close to my previous single day sales, ad £329.  That made the grand total £929 - an amazing income for two days of sales.  Being a bit of a geeky statistics-minded computing teacher, I had to work out the hourly rate!  On Saturday the sale was open from 9am until 7pm - ten hours in total.  So £600 over the day works out at about £60 per hour.  On Sunday we were trading from 10.30am until 5pm - a total of 6.5 hours.  That made the hourly rate £50.61 or thereabouts. Overall,  the hourly income worked out at £56.30 - not a bad rate of income!

I had some lovely moments - selling the two hippo footstools I had completed that morning within the first hour was one of them!  The repeat customers who came to add to their menagerie were very welcome - but equally so were two girls, Molly and Sophie, who came and enjoyed Comfy Humphrey and were very interested in the project.  They asked all kinds of questions - and told other customers what they had found out.  I was very tempted to employ them as sales assistants - they were very convincing and very knowledgable!  Molly and Sophie - if you read this, thank you!  I hope you will come and see me again, whether or not you decide to save up your pocket money to buy an animal - or a Humphrey!

I left with considerably less stock than I came with - three large plastic boxes, two large plastic bags and five hippo beanbags less!  I also left with a considerable amount of money to be used to help the people in Utange.  Thank you, MK.
(edited to add)
Here is Jaqcui's photo of my stall on Saturday, proving how busy I was!

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