Thursday, 2 July 2015

Solar lamps ordered!

I just placed an order for 40 solar lamps to be distributed in Utange!
These are the lamps I have ordered:
They include a phone charging point which I hope may provide the opportunity for the recipients to earn a little money by charging phones for other villagers, as well as enabling them to study or work in the evenings.
The lamps are being donated to four of the schools in Utange - Utange Primary school (the state school); Utange Baptist Primary (where the children from Casuarina House attend school); Noah's Ark Academy (a nursery school I have a link with) and St Peter the Rock school (which has physically and mentally handicapped children educated alongside neurotypical children).  I have someone who has agreed to pick them up from Mombasa and deliver them to the recipient schools.  Five of each set of ten lamps are for teachers at the schools.  As a teacher myself I really wanted to support the teachers.  The other five are to be prizes for the children who have shown most improvement.  I have labels designed and ready to be printed, to stick onto the boxes.  I am feeling very excited!

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