Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Dunstable - Party in the Park

It was great to have an event where it didn't rain!  My gazebo dried out, and the stock did not get a third soaking.  All good.  The crowds were out in force - another tick.  The event was really well organised - one more tick.  Nothing to complain about, you would think.  Unfortunately the crowds did not seem to be interested in buying.  Although there were many positive comments, and some good conversations, I had a very small number of sales - one of the lowest totals of the season so far.  On talking to other stallholders, they experienced the same.  The only conclusion we could come to was that this was a free event and that this time was the first where stalls were present.  People seemed to come without money to spend.  A pity for me, and for Utange   - but I trust that God had plans for me to be there and that there will be positive results from it.

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  1. I think the school holidays impact on people's spending big time , it seems to happen to all sellers this time of year