Monday, 20 April 2015

Big Green Day - MK Stadium

This was a well organised event in the preparation.  Unfortunately, at the last minute MK Stadium apparently decided that stalls could not be outside, so most of us were moved inside the arena.  Although this is a great space, it was probably too big for the event (particularly since many stallholders appeared to decide not to turn up) and the footfall was very low. Such a pity, for among those of us who did turn up were some brilliant experiences, many of them free. MK Brass played throughout the event - fabulous music - and there was a free (bicycle powered) smoothies stand, bouncy castles, an art area, football areas, sustainable energy, and many many more interesting activities.  Outside were animals and funfair rides.

I was pleased with my own stall set up, and was glad to be able to spread out my stands.

 (Spot the way I found of displaying some of the toys?)
The table looked good too, though really I could have done with more space.

I took less than £50 - OK for two hours, but in reality the event has taken up most of my day.  Wish we could have been outside!

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