Friday, 29 August 2014

This Summer's events: Woburn Sands

This was a new event for me.  When I booked, the event was planned as an outdoor folk festival with stalls surrounding the field.  However, the event had to be replanned as the result of the theft of a generator at the previous event.  Consequently this year's event took place in various locations around Woburn Sands itself, with folk acts performing in various local hostelries, and craft stalls in two halls.
I suspect the hall in which I was placed was the better of the two locations. We were right by a bus stop, and had many people come in while waiting for buses.  We were also quite close to the pubs where bands were playing.
It was a very hot day, and footfall was slow, but I was pleased overall with the resulting takings and with the interest in the work in Utange.  I think work could be done on advertising and promoting the various venues, as we had several visitors in who were not entirely sure what was happening where.  All credit to the volunteers who organised and ran it, however!

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