Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sewing day

The wonderful people at Tudor Rose Patchwork offered me a "Charity Day" and the use of their workshop this summer.  Not only that, but they advertised the day for me and took bookings, and lent me equipment, and provided drinks!
I was blessed by so many people attending.  Some came for the whole day; others dropped in for part of the day only.  Some came through the advertising; others through direct contact with me. Some were (very) experienced bag makers and others were complete novices. In all I think about 15 people came throughout the day - all to help me make various styles of pocket bags.  I provided instructions and materials (though many people brought their own contributions).  They made the bags for me!

Many started with the backpacks and I ended up with a good selection of these.  Others focused on the shoulder bags.  I managed to deplete my stock of pockets considerably, for which I am very grateful.

Several of the bags have already sold; more are still in stock.  Some were purchased by their makers on the day!

Thank you all!

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