Monday, 13 August 2012


With the return of the sunny weather here, I was able to do something I have been wanting to tackle for some time.  At the last couple of sales, my stock has been pretty hurriedly packed away, and has not always gone into the correct boxes.  The best way I have found to store my stock is by price - then I make sure I have a range of items of different prices out.  Works well, as long as everything is where it should be.  But it wasn't!  Not only was stock in the wrong boxes, but much was not even in a box!  I had bags I had given to other people for events they were attending, plus lots of new items, all over the place.  So I got it all outside and all out of the boxes, and then sorted it.  While I sorted, I photographed - both the stock I have and the individual items I am running low on.  Here are the results:
£1 and £2 items:

£3 items:
 and I don't think I need to make any owl phone cases for a while!

 £4 items.  This price range needs some new input - lots of the bags here are a couple of seasons old and haven't sold, because they are not very nice!  I need to make some more of these "low end" bags.
 £5 items.  This looks better.
 £6 items.  A fair selection, but more wouldn't hurt.
 £10 items.  More stock needed but the items sell well.
 £12 items.  The flower bags are always popular...
 ...and other items in this price range also sell well.
 £15+ items.  Slower sellers, but great when they do sell!
 Christmas items.  New stock (and new ideas) needed here - I really only have the two sizes of stockings.  I need to look at what else will work well in denim for Christmas items.
 And her is the finished stock, all safely (and neatly) packed away, ready for my next sale at the end of August.


  1. Wow, you've done many fabulous bags. Wish you good sale anytime.

  2. WOW that's a heck of a collection of goodies - I think it's a great idea to sort by price because then you can easily tell which section needs more projects :)

    Do you have access to or can you get Christmas fabrics for a good price? You could do denim gift bags lined or embellished with Christmas prints ... sets of Christmas coasters (tied with Christmas ribbon or even denim scraps) ... a cookies and milk for Santa placemat (backed with denim) ... denim advent calendar (although this one, because it has 24 pockets, might be too labour intensive) ... denim ornaments ... hotpads or placemats made with Christmas prints and backed with denim ... notebook covers (would work equally well for non-Christmas theme too) ...

    One thing I made myself last year is a Christmas receipts zipper bag - mine just happened to be made from upcycled denim, and I embroidered a Christmas flamingo on the front. I lined it with flamingo fabric because I had some, but Christmas fabric would have worked equally well. I keep mine in the china cabinet so when I start Christmas shopping I can grab it easily to keep track of receipts, lol. The Christmas flamingo was a freebie and is probably still online - I can look it up on my blog - I know I linked it in my post :)

    If I think of anything else I'll let you know! (As I was proofreading my post an ornament design popped into mind - cut out 2 pieces of denim in a Christmas shape, embellish one piece with buttons or Christmas charms and add a ribbon hanger, stitch wrong sides together leaving an opening to add a bit of stuffing, finish stitching). (Proofreading again, and thought of DENIM BIBS! Using Christmas or other fabrics for the front!) (This one probably popped into my mind because I just made some myself, LOL)

  3. Oh sheesh sorry, I typed a whole book there - I should have just emailed you!!!

  4. I have just nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award. You can check it out here: