Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Cosmetic bags from scraps

I love playing with different fabrics.  I tend to use more expensive ones (ie those I have bought rather than been given) for trimmings and bindings.  My bindings for bags are typically 2" strips - and invariably there is a small piece left at the end of the binding.  I hate waste, hate throwing good fabric away, so have been hoarding these pieces.  Some get used for owl wings on phone cases, but my box was overflowing with pieces not yet used.
I joined each 2" strip to a similar length piece of denim.
I then cut these into 2" strips.

These strips were joined in pairs to make blocks like this:
The blocks ended up as 3 1/2" squares, so I cut denim blocks the same size.  I alternated the blocks to make rectangles 9 1/2" by 6 1/2".  I cut lining to match, sandwiched a zipper between the front and lining, squared off the base and produced these:

Cute little cosmetics pouches - or anything else you might like to use them for!  Easy to make, and used up some scraps as well.  Result!
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  1. Very cute - you KNOW I'm a big fan of zipper bags - I may have made 1 or 3 before!! And using up scraps is a win/win proposition!

  2. A good way to use scraps, but I'm not sure whether I would have as much patience as you to make so many blocks! Well done. :-)