Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Recycling curtain samples

I was given a pile of wonderful curtain samples - you know, the type which you see in shops, in a huge book with holes punched through the tops.  Far too good to throw away, but none of them large enough for a lining on its own, I got my brain in gear to decide how best to use them.  Here is my first solution:
The pattern came to me via Pinterest, and you can find it here.  Looking at the pattern (and particularly the image) I had no idea the bag would come out so large.  However, I am quite pleased with it even so.  The curtain samples formed the patttern on the front - each sample made the front and back of one bag with very little waste.  I used denim for the stripes and the straps, and the linings were more curtain fabric - this time offcuts which curtain makers had passed on to me.  The bags have a simple internal pocket, but I decided to omit the fastening from the original pattern.

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  1. very nice bags! Nice to see your works, I am recycling much, too.