Saturday, 18 February 2012

A profitable half term!

I have had a creative burst this holiday, and the curtain samples have been inspiring.  As well as the three bags I posted in my last post (which were extremely quick to make) I made three of the pattern pictured here. 

This was a much more complicated proposition.  The pattern came from a magazine, and I have used three different colourways of this particular curtain sample in the design.  Sadly the two that I used in the main panel looked very similar when pieced; I wish now that I had used the blue colourway (which I used in the top and bottow stripes) as one of the main panel colourways.
It is a lot of piecing, but came out looking really effective.  I used denim for the other pieces of the bag, and lined it with fabric from an old sheet.  To the inside I added a zipped pocket on one side and a simple full length pocket on the other.  The other two of this design are in different colourways; I tried photographing them but it didn't come out so well.


  1. Your bag looks very good, great use of your samples too.

  2. Thank you! Nice to get some feedback. Hoping these will sell well.