Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Poverty to potential

The latest business to be set up belongs to the Mwambire family.

.They live in Barawa village in Utange and have 10 children. Mrs Mwambire is currently pregnant again. 

 Kache is 39 years old and  married to Erick  who is 48yrs old.  Kache is a house wife while Erick is a casual laborer. They have ten children"
Emmanuel is 21 yrs old and a casual laborer
Pendo is 19 and at secondary school.
Tom (17), Davis (14), Gabriel ((12) and Musa (9) are all at Utange Primary school.
Hussein (7), Mercy (5) and Katuma (4) are old enough to be at school but have never attended school.  
Polyne, who is one, is currently the youngest child.

When Susan asked the parents about a business idea .they suggested we buy for them a stone cutting machine for cutting stones at the quarry, a generatorand a starter stock of fuel.  All this will cost less than £500.
Susan has already arranged to meet Mrs. Mwambire on Monday at school together with the headteacher. because her situation is "pathetic".  Susan hopes that she and the head teacher will be able to advise her well. They want Hussein, Mercy and Katuma to join Utange primary next term. 
I have agreed to provide funding for the business and also to buy uniform and shoes for the younger children so that they can start school. 

This is how we change lives, on family at a time.

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