Thursday, 19 April 2018

Boda boda update

At the start of the year I sent money out to Kenya to help a lady there to set up a boda boda (motorcycle taxi) business.  At the end of February I received an update on how her new business is going:
Susan told me:
After paying the rider and subtracting the cost of fuel the income per week is ksh. 2,000 (about £14).
From the two thousand shillings she uses ksh.600 (about £4) for household use i.e to buy food stuff and provide other needs at home. From the ksh. 600 per week she also buys vegetables and sells these to people in the neighborhood. She has started constructing a makeshift kiosk where she wants to set up a grocery .The remaining ksh.1,400 (about £10) that the business earns per week is deposited in her bank savings account. Her account balance as at 20th February 2018 was ksh.8,400 (nearly £60).
This came as a miracle to her because she had given up on life and she did not know that one day a good Samaritan  would put a smile on her face by giving her capital to start a business to support her family. Sidi can now provide basic needs to her family. Unlike in the past her family can now afford to take two meals per day.
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