Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Boda Boda business

I heard about Mrs Bembaji through friends who visited Utange last summer.  They were asked by staff at Utange Primary School whether they knew of anyone who might help to sponsor a bright young man in the top class at the school.  They were told of his mother, widowed, with epilepsy and a hand injury (from a fall into a fire for which she could not afford treatment) who could barely afford to support her family and who could not afford the fees for secondary schooling.  They offered to help, and told me of the situation.
I suggested to Susan, my contact at the school, that I might be able to help financially if Mrs Bembaji wished to set up a business.  I was duly sent two proposals - one for a chicken farm and the other for a motorcycle taxi business.  I agreed to fund the latter.
Over Christmas I sent out the money.  Today I received these photos:

Teachers at the school have offered to help her.  One will provide storage space for the motorcycle at night and will find a rider (who will also thus have employment).  Another will help her to open a bank account.  A third will provide support in budgeting and help her to develop her business.
Such a wonderful result - and all from old jeans!!

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