Monday, 23 February 2015

Stallholder apron - tutorial

I have been restocking my stallholder aprons, and thought this would be a good opportunity to explain how to make them for yourself.

You will need two large pairs of jeans for this - or at least, the pocket parts of them.

Cut the jean legs off and cut around the back of the jeans to separate the back from the front.
You will find that, because of the centre seam, the piece does not lay flat.  I created a pleat and hand sewed this to make it flat.  It is rather trial and error to get it right, but it does work.

Cut off the side seams if you have not already done so, and cut a curve at each side of the fabric piece you have until you have a shape which is right for your apron.  Cut through the belt at the top with very sharp strong scissors!

Use this piece as a template on a second pair of jeans, but this time cut off the top of the jeans about an inch above the pockets.  This will be the front section of your apron.

Cut a strip of cotton fabric 2" wide for the binding.  Sew this along the top of the front section, and then hand stitch it down on the back.

Cut more strips 4" wide for the straps.  Press in half lengthwise, then press the sides to this middle fold.  Fold along the original crease and you will have a strip which is four thicknesses of fabric and about one inch wide.  Machine along both sides.
Machine these straps to the the belt piece of the bottom section of your apron.

Put the top apron piece on top of the bottom piece and pin together.  Stitch down the centre front of the apron, to one side of the seam.  Back stitch several times at the tol of the front piece to prevent the two separating with use.
Very carefully stitch another piece of binding all the way round your apron and hand sew it to the back.  This will cover all the raw edges.

You now have an apron which has a total of six pockets - great for organising yourself when doing craft fairs.  I use one side for "stall stuff" and the other for "my stuff", with the most valuable items (eg phone, notes) in the internal back pocket.  I find I feel very secure with this.

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