Sunday, 28 December 2014

Crossbody backpack

Although quite a challenging bag, this has also been enjoyable to make, for a variety of reasons.
It is a large bag, so has been made from what I call "found fabric".  This is fabric remade from scraps cut for other projects.  A common source is the ends of strips - used for zip facings, flower bags, bindings etc.  I now keep the ends cut from pieces which are too long and piece these to make long strips, then join the edges of these to make fabric,  This technique was used for the first three bags in these pictures.  The final bag was made from a "rail fence" arrangement of these pieces.  I also have some bags made from crazy patched scraps.
Inside, the bags have a selection of pockets.  This does make them more time-consuming to create, but is worthwhile.  There is a long zip round one side and the base of the bag, and an adjustable strap.  The lining and strap are generally from my stock of Kenyan fabrics.
These have sold well, and I am currently restocking.
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  1. WOW!! Those look great. Is the pattern one you've created? I'd like to try to make one as I have some denim scraps from other denim quilt projects.