Tuesday, 16 September 2014

This Summer's Events: The Umbrella Fair

This was a new venue for me: Northampton's Racecourse park.  What a fabulous event it was.  It was held over two days, though I only attended for one of them.  Many thanks to Niki for highlighting it for me.
The Umbrella Fair is a free festival with energy and resource conservation at its heart.  There was music in a number of tents across the field, and a range of stalls.  I liked the fact that all the food outlets only served vegetarian food - it made for a much better quality of food, I felt.  The cakes were great too!  The ethos of sustainability meant that my items fitted very well.  Stalls were varied and footfall was great.  All credit to the volunteers who made it all work. 
My only disappointment was that it was SO windy!  (OK, so this is not meant as a criticism of anyone, just in case anyone feels tempted to comment!)  I did get very cold (my own fault for not being better prepared) but on the other hand it did give me a good excuse to browse the vintage clothing stalls and invest in a lovely thick cardigan which is now my "stall cardi"!
I really hope to be back next year - it was a great experience.

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