Saturday, 30 November 2013

More pocket bags

I really needed to stock up on these bags.  One thing I have definitely learnt over the two years I have been sewing with a view to raising money for Utange is that all bags are faster to make when made in bulk.  So I try to make at least five of a style of bag at one time. Occasionally this has been a mistake, when the style of bag has not sold well, but generally it works well.  I bear this in mind when cutting, too.  With all the adult jeans I am given, I have a standard method of cutting them up, which involves cutting up the seams to separate the four leg pieces.  My next step is generally to separate the back pockets from the rest of the leg, and I aim to cut these into 8" squares.  Sometimes this is not possible, and so I have a large collection of pocket pieces waiting to be used in projects which.  However, the 8" pockets are used to make these bags and the backpacks.  I then piece the pockets in pairs horizontally, then put two pairs together to make the front or back of the bag.  The linings are then a standard 15 1/2" square and it all sews up remarkably quickly.
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