Monday, 20 May 2013

Pentecost in the Park - Northampton

What a wonderful day!  We were really blessed with the weather- the days leading up to the event had been cold and wet, as were the days afterwards.  But Pentecost Sunday was sunny and (mostly) warm.  The crowds came out and enjoyed wonderful music from talented worship bands, good speakers, a range of interesting stalls, and great conversations.
I sold a huge range of items, including a number of bags.  One lady bought four owl bags! 

I had promises of jeans, an offer of a stall near Christmas which sounds very exciting, and enjoyed showing my photos of Utange to many people.  I even spoke to several people who are going out to Utange over the next few months.  Yes, I am envious, even though I know God has His plans for my return and is developing these in ways I had not imagined.  I still wish I was going out again this year!!
We made a really good sum, which will make a massive difference to the children in Utange.  A particular encouragement was the lady who donated £100 to the charity.  That was such an encouragement.

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