Friday, 16 November 2012

Legends Youth Group

I had another very enjoyable session with the young people at Legends Youth group this month.  I go on the first Wednesday of each month and try to show them how to make one item - I usually do some preparation beforehand.  This month I set up a lot of little embroidered coin purses - I have shown most of these here before.  The young people did the final purse construction as I felt the applique was a little beyond them at present (last session was the first time most of them had ever used a sewing machine).  We had three sewing machines this time - two of mine and one lent by a friend.
There was lots of interest and plenty of laughter.  By the end of the session the young people had produced these purses:
Once these are sold, the money raised will feed 72 children in Utange for a week. Thank you, Legends!

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