Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Long gap!

Apologies for the long gap in posting.  Term started - and while I managed to do some sewing, it was not at my "holiday rate" - and then I had no time to photograph the results or blog them!  However, half term has now (at last!) arrived and, with it, a week to catch up on sewing, housework, marking. planning, blogging - and hopefully have a rest as well!
One more item which needs resolving is that the wonderful embroidery machine decided I was working it too hard.  I had horrible noises from it, immediately followed by an error message to tell me that there was a "motor rotate error".  I looked this up, and the upshot was that it needs a new motor.
Now, this is an expensive machine - and not mine, but on loan.  I contacted a local company to find that the cost of repairing was well beyond my means.  This is where God (and friends) stepped in.  Within a week, I found the servicing manual for free online; money had been donated to pay for a new motor, and a friend at Church had offered to see if he could fit it.  I now have the motor (bought a fraction of the cost of having the machine repaired) and the friend is coming round tonight to see if he can fit the motor here or whether it will be better for him to take the machine away to fix it.  God is good!
This has also given me the chance to catch up on putting the embroidery panels I had already made into bags, and to catch up on other sewing.  Hopefully the machine will soon be back in operation, however, as I am now in a new phase of bags and have also introduced other items which depend on the machine!

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  1. Welcome back :) (I think I'm going to have to remove the anonymous posting as well - the spammers are getting annoying, sheesh)